1400yrs OLD Book That Startled Todays Scientists – The Book Of Wonders

1400yrs OLD Book That Startled Todays Scientists – The Book Of Wonders

Do you know what is the most read Book in this world right now, the most memorized Book of All time, the Book which has startled the todays scientists, the Book that covers every aspect of our life, the Universal Book that had been the main reason for a nations prosperity that once acted upon it…

And for your information it was landed on Earth more than 1400 Year ago but still has more than Billion followers and Readers..

Before i introduce you to that wondrous Book and the Insane Mysteries it resides within, let me tell you that modern scientists observe it each chapter and make discoveries..

And that Universal book is Quran… The Word Of ALLAH

Yes I am a Muslin but I am not Over Boasting it, i am not even describing It as It deserves…
This Book is the Message of God to the People of This world which was bestowed to our Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.. The people of his era didnt even believed him that this Holy Book was a Word of God. Just Like Some Of you wont believe me.. But when the people of Arab who were famous for their intellect and geniosity observed and read it carefully, they said –

These words are of no human..

This Book is basically the code of life, where there are some intricate Secrets that has astounded every man who observes….

What Makes it so Wonderful

They say –

Secrets of the ocean lies within..

I am not a very good muslim, but am a pretty much proud one. When i heard about this book to be universal, the thought hit me that there must be something for present generation. So in this curiosity I started research to find some relevant data in the ocean of knowledge through which i can link Ancient beliefs and modern science and i found some very Interesting things in it –

The Orbital motion Of Sun And Moon –

In Quran It is Said-

And the sun and moon float in space according to precise calculation.

This clearly matches our modern observation but the odd thing is that Allah use the word Float instead of fly, that is because according to recent researches the universe is like a pond of space time fabric. The more the mass the more it will have gravity…

The Origin Of Iron –

The Quran also tells us about the origin of Iron, how it came into the earth and how it is still being showered upon Earth –

And we showered iron upon them and made both good and evil uses of it..

Did you know that Iron is not an Earthly matter, when the asteroids hits the Earth Atmosphere they degenerate into shower of iron and other cosmic metals and fall on the earth…

The Black Hole-

Allah said In Quran –

And i swear of the places where stars sink, and if you understand it is great oath..

What do guys think This is about, as Quran is a universal book so at that time people would have thought of it as day.. But now we know exactly about the places where stars actually do sink… BlackHoles, the mysterious entities in the universe which dont even let the light pass through it, and whose gravity can Gulp stars as a whole…

Origin Of the universe – The Big Bang

As you all know that according to this believed theory, the universe came into sudden existence due to a large Explosion we know as big bang.. Quran even told us about it 1400 yrs ago –

And we Created Everything From nothing

The Waters that dont Mix –

have you seen this pic –

And here is what Quran says about it –

Why Am I telling you all this..

The only reason for this post is to persuade people that they are not sent to Earth to fuck around, instead we are born with an objective to pursue. If life is only to die then why do we live…
There is a a supreme Being who sent us for a supreme goal, that we are ignoring today…
Religious believes are some inevitable believes that we must ponder upon –

The very idea of religion is startling, its like after so much hard work when science finally removed the last rock from reaching peak of the mountain revealing the supreme truth of Universe, they found some religious bounded people already sitting there…

These kind of things make my belief more stronger and my objectives more clear… 

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