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Most Disastrous And Deadliest NUKES In The World

Today, the fear of nuclear annihilation is considerably less than it was in the 1970s or 1980s, yet several nations still possess a large arsenal of these destructive weapons. Furthermore, despite treaties aimed at limiting the number of weapons a nation can possess, nuclear powers continue to develop and improve their stockpiles and delivery methods. A resurgence in anti-ballistic missile development has caused some nations to step up development of new and more effective ICBMs and SLBMs. This has created a fear that a new arms race could open up between the world superpowers as each tries to produce technologies superior to the others. If World war 3 happens there will be be nothing left to live for ore in other words there will be nothing left at all.

Neuclear Missile and bomb can be defined as an anti peace device used to create peace in this world, being controlled by some freaks so called HuMans.

So Without further a due here is the list you all have been waiting for this far


UGM-133 Trident II – SLBM (USA/UK)

The current SLBM of the US and UK submarine force is the Trident II. The missile became operational in 1990 and has been updated and upgraded since. Fully armed, the Trident can carry 14 warheads. Various treaties have seen this number reduced and the missile currently carries 4-5 475kt warheads. Maximum range is dictated by its load of warheads and varies between 7800 and 11,000km. The US Navy required a CEP of 120m or less for the missile to be accepted into service. Numerous defense reports and military journals often state that the Trident’s CEP exceeded that requirement by a large margin.Due to its devastating properties, it mad itself to appear in our Top list.

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Here is the video of this Catastrophe monster

R-36M2 – ICBM (Soviet Union/Russia)

Dnepr rocket lift-off 1.jpg

There is a reason why the NATO designated this missile the SS-18 Satan. First deployed in 1974, the R-36 has gone through a number of changes which even at one time included carrying a 20-25mt warhead. The last development of this missile, the R-36M2 has ten 750kt warheads and a range of approximately 11,000 km. With a top speed of nearly 8 km/s and a CEP of 220m, the Satan is a weapon which caused a lot of concern for American military planners. It could have been even worse if Soviet planners had been given the green light to deploy one version of this missile which was to have 38 250kt warheads. Russia plans to retire all of these missiles by 2019. Well this weapon is making the Russia the most Neuclear advanced country, no wonder why America is not messing with the BIG B.


Here is its detonating video

Tsar Bomba ( Daddy of all Nukes)

You would have probably be aware of the The mo all bombs which we discussed it our previous post.

But this is the daddy of all damn bombs. This is the fullstop to mankind generation.

The bomb had a yield of 57 megaton TNT (210 PJ). In theory, it had a maximum yield of 100 megatons if it were to have included a U-238 tamper, but because only one bomb was built, this was never demonstrated. The single bomb was detonated at the Sukhoy Nos cape of Severny Island, part of Novaya Zemlya.Image result for tsar bomba

The remaining bomb casings are located at the Russian Atomic Weapon Museum in Sarov and the Museum of Nuclear Weapons, All-Russian Research Institute of Technical Physics, at Snezhinsk

Still not got mind blown, watch its detonating vid

DF-5/5A – ICBM (China)

If we do a comparison with the other missiles on this list, the Dong Feng 5 can be considered the minivan of ICBMs. It’s not pretty, fancy or sophisticated but it is more than capable of getting the job done. The DF-5 entered service in 1981 and sent the message out to any would-be enemies that China planned no preemptive strikes but would make sure ti would punish anyone who attacked it. This ICBM can carry a huge 5mt warhead and has a range of over 12,000km. The DF-5 has a CEP of around 1 km which means it has one purpose – to flatten cities. The warhead size, CEP and fact it can take an hour to fuel and prepare for launch all mean this is a retaliatory weapon meant to punish any potential attackers. The 5A had a range increase, 300m CEP improvement and reported ability to carry multiple warheads.

This the smallest yet fastest on the list. here is its video demostration

Here are the deadliest nukes on the earth enough to wipe out humanity from it for making so called Peace. Let us know what you think in the comment section below and also do tell which one was your favorite. Here are some Nuke Related Interesting Videos



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