Best Gadgets In 2017 Which Will Blow Your Mind

Well we all live in an era of technology and we can’t deny it. We are surrounded by gadgets, some of which are helpful where some are not So Get ready to blow your mind Because Tech Collect Has collected some the best and amazing gadgets of 2017 which will make you believe that the future is now.

So without Further a due Lets Get Started:

Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

Universal Gadget Wrist ChargerImage result for Universal Gadget Wrist Charger








Microsoft Arc Mouse

When you go advanced in all your computer equipments, the next best thing is to get a futuristic mouse.Image result for arc mouse

Sunshine Pillow

We arent sure if it’s warm enough, but it’s good to own one.


Nokia Prism is a mobile phone adorned with bold geometric patterns, beveled surfaces and vibrant color accents. Price: $250.




Drink Selector Mug allows you to define your preferences just on your mug. Twist rings to reveal your choice of drink and your milk and sugar preferences. Among available options: Decaf, Mocha, Tea, Latte, Cappuccino, Herb Tea, Hot Chocolate, plus various further options to get your morning drink just the way you like it. Price: $23.99.


ScreenshotImage result for drink selector mug

PowerVision PowerRay underwater drone

This underwater drone can submerge up to 98 feet (30 meters) and records 4K video streamed to your phone, which you use to navigate. Not impressed? OK, with its add-on Fishfinder sonar it can detect fish up to 131 feet (40 meters) away and and lures them with a blue light. Still not wowed? PowerVision will be offering VR goggles that allow you to robot around by tilting your head.

Kuri the robot nanny

Essentially a mobile security camera with some smart-home control capabilities, when Kuri ships about a year from now it will roam your home checking on your kids and pets when you’re not home. It looks like a robot, though, so it’s cool just for that.

Image result for Kuri the robotImage result for Kuri the robot


You both wear these 8-Bit Dynamic Life shirts, and the closer you get to each other, the more hearts light up on your chest. Its default state has two hearts a-glowing, displaying that special place she has in your heart even when you’re far away. Get within hugging distance, and the removable animated decals go nuts with all six hearts a-blazin’. Price: $25.




Tik-Tak Clock: “I wanted to express time differently – with a decorative impact as well as a practical function. The powder coated shades of grey give depth to the piece, whilst the red second hand emphasises time’s continual

movement.” Price: £89.00



Chrysler Portal concept road warrior

Andrew Krok from our sister site Roadshow dubbed it “a conceptual battle-tank for the family of the near-ish future.” Anything that can be described that way must be cool, even though it’s a minivan.

Image result for Chrysler Portal concept road warriorRelated image

LeEco smart bikes

Watching the bicyclists speed down New York streets while staring at their phones is scary enough. Integrating a 4-inch Android touchscreen into the bicycle for navigation, music playback and walk-talkie talking to other people not watching where they’re going, as LeEco has done, is just asking for trouble. But useful!

Available in the US in the spring.

Image result for LeEco smart bikesImage result for LeEco smart bikes

Sleep Number 360 smart bed ( Bed Of Dreams)

Not everyone has pets to lie on their feet and keep them toasty. So Sleep Number made a bed that knows when you’ve got cold feet and turns heat on at the bottom of the bed. In theory, the mattress changes its Sleep Number settings to compensate for changes in position and while it can’t stop someone snoring, if it senses you are, it raises your head to reduce your volume

Image result for Sleep Number 360 smart bed.

Faraday Future FF91 car

Probably the best of CES 2017 .Electric car startup Faraday Future debuted the FF 91 at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. It has self-parking, autonomous driving, a 378-mile range and ubiquitous screens all around the cabin. The FF 91 looks promising, but with production facilities only existing on paper at this stage, it’s reasonable to worry whether the car will ever roll out on the road.

Image result for Faraday Future FF91 carImage result for Faraday Future FF91 car

LG W7 featherweight wall-mount TVs

The “est-iest” TV we’ve ever seen, LG’s new W7 65- and 77-inch TVs are the thinnest, lightest and potentially the best-picture quality TVs to hit the wall. Plus, LG claims the picture quality of these are better than last year’s, which are pretty terrific.

Available March 2017.

Image result for LG W7 featherweight wall-mount TVs

Rokid Pebble glowing voice assistant

It’s not just a cool-looking voice assistant like the Amazon Echo and countless others. The Pebble’s twist: Melody, your guide, can recognize voices and change its activities based on the individual who’s talking. Plus, it really is an assistant, with the ability to manage your calendar. Look what a beauty it is!


Razer Project Valerie portable video wall

I don’t game, but a multiscreen portable — I refuse to call something that weighs 12 pounds (5.4 kg) a laptop — has tons of uses for people whose work or play requires multiple screens. And it’s like a giant curved screen! It’s just a concept now, but I vote yea!


Image result for Razer Project Valerie

Whoosh that was our list of some of the crazy tech pieces available in present. Let us Know About Your thoughts In the comment section below. We will be more than happy to know it.

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