10 Thing’s Fans Need To Know About MKBHD

For all those people who don’t know the abbreviation of MKBHD.
MKBHD stands for Marques Brownlee and HD stands for high definition as he really looks from his pictures.

1) Early career:

MKBHD is a true tech enthusiast best known for his technology-based videos. He started his youtube carrier on March 21, 2008, and upload his first tech video in January 2009.

Who knew that this guy will turn out like this despite all of these he owns the techest studio you saw in your life which is pretty disturbing but still feels good.

2) Camera Used by MKBHD:

  1. He uses Red Weapon Monstro Forged Cf 8k:
camera use by MKBHD
camera use by MKBHD

3) MKBHD Car:

If you are watching videos of MKBHD from longtime then you must have known his carze about technological cars and TESLA is the only company in the world that has much futuristic technology to fulfill his desires.
He also owns a sexy car named Tesla Model S P100D.

MKBHD daily car

4) MKBHD’s Studio:

If you think that MKBHD manages his studio like his videos then I think you are wrong in that point.

Linus tech once toured his studio….just watch the video below and this will blow your mind

5) MKBHD’s Own’s world slimmest OLED TV:

He is also very enthusiastic about 4K OLED screens. LG is the only company far now that has completed his thirst of smart screen TV. MKBHD owns LG 4K OLED TV.

He also made a video about it you can watch it here:

6) MKBHD Suggestion Series:

If he doesn’t like something about any tech piece or want to make some better change in anything then he made the video about it mentioning to their owner. His new series is asking about improvement to big companies and websites.
Dear twitter:>

Dear Samsung:>

Dear Apple:>

7) MKBHD’s Award Giving Series:

MKBHD just proves that you don’t need an award show or full team to give awards. In this new series, he just completed his two seasons in which he gives different categories awards to different Smartphones.

According to his first season best smartphone of the year (2017) goes to iPhone X, if you want the complete list to watch the video down here:

According to his second season-best smartphone of the year (2018) goes to One Plus 6T if you want the complete list to watch the video down here:

8) MKBHD’s meeting with Google’s CEO:

MKBHD seems to be pretty attached to companies CEOs especially google and tesla’s ones, here is the video in which he is describing the recent Google IO featuring GOOGLE CEO.

Interesting Facts from his personal Life:

MKBHD graduated from college in May 2015 and became a full-time YouTube.

He is a very concerning guy about everyday tech coming the in the market and wants innovative changes in techs. MKBHD has over 8.24 million subscribers and over 1.23 billion total video views.


9) MKBHD’s Networth:

According to Naibuzz – What’s buzzing In Kenya, Marques Brownlee earns $700 per day, which equates to $3 million per year from ads.which is pretty satisfying.

10) MKBHD’s Dream Car:

MKBHD’s dream car is also from Tesla Roadster which Tesla is releasing in 2020. This is going to be the revolution in the electric car’s industry.

MKBHD dream's car
MKBHD’s dream car


That’s all from our side for MKBHD our new tech rising star.

If you know something else about him comment down below and give us feedback about the post if you really like it.

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