This Smart Security Camera is Smarter Than You Think.

State-of-the-art smart.

Nest Cam IQ has the serious processing power, so it can do things like telling a person from a thing. And even recognize faces with Nest Aware.

The Nest Cam IQ is the newest camera from the company, and it contains a host of new and upgraded features over the original Nest Cam Indoor.

It’s still a camera meant for indoor use – there’s none of the water proofing presents on the previous outdoor version of the camera – but the camera comes equipped with a much higher-resolution camera sensor, which allows it to be much more intelligent in how it notifies you about what’s going on in your house.


The Nest Cam IQ borrows heavily from the design aesthetic of the previous Nest Cam Outdoor with a clean white chassis attached to a surprisingly heavy base.

The camera itself has a 4K/HDR sensor (more on this later), which has a field of view that’s 130-degrees wide and it’s also got 940nm infrared LEDs for nighttime and low-light recording.

There’s a light ring around the front of the camera which can illuminate different colors depending on what state the camera is in. Blue will indicate two-way talking (a feature to be made available in a forthcoming firmware update – at launch, it will be one-way only), and green will indicate the camera is currently watching the room.

The camera’s audio (used for audio recognition of intruders) has also improved. The IQ is equipped with three microphones to attempt to cancel out as much background noise as possible. Nest is also claiming that the camera’s speaker is seven times more powerful than previous models, which should please anyone who’s used a Nest camera to mess with family members or pets in the past.

The base is heavy and wide, which should help the camera remain nice and steady even when you’re rotating it through its broad range of motion (180-degrees horizontally and 160 vertically). We also like that the USB power socket has moved from the camera to the base, which should mean you can easily re-orientate the camera without the cabling getting in the way.

Speaks loudly and carries a big microphone.

A powerful speaker can scare off intruders from afar. And with noise cancellation and echo suppression, you can hear them loud and clear.

Most popular YouTuber of the world MKBHD also give a review about this nice home security camera.Link of the

You can see the full review of Nest Cam  right below:

Brilliant in every light.

HDR and invisible infrared LEDs evenly illuminate the whole room. So whether it’s pitch black or low light, pixels stay bright and crisp.

  • Daytime HDR
  • 940nm infrared
  • 2x brighter LEDs

    It stays alert 24/7 so you don’t have to.*

    If someone breaks in, you want to know right away. Nest Cam IQ plugs into power, so it won’t run out of batteries before it sends an alert.

  • It cuts right to the chase.

    With Supersight, Nest Cam IQ can zoom in on someone walking across the room, while still showing you the full picture.

The first models, Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor are still on sale and are cheaper: $199 each.

Nest’s products are not compatible with Apple HomeKit but work seamlessly with Amazon Echo and Google Home.

P.S. It’s beautiful.

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