Tech idea ( EP:1). How to find out from far away that your baby is crying using a simple tech.

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Today we are going to start a new series so called Tech Ideas. Where you can share your ideas, your thought to make this world a better and more comfortable place. We are going to collect all the amazing tech ideas that haven’t been yet invented to help people in their daily life.

If you are the type of guy who has a lot of revolutionary ideas that can change the way the world works You came to the right place. We are going to discuss your ideas and will give them a physical shape if it is possible.


1: Track your baby when he is crying:

Nowadays our life is getting busier than before. This new Tech Idea  is going to make your life much easier. Babies are the best give nature can ever give to you but feeding them and taking their responsibility is not as simple as you think. It takes a lot of effort to grow a newborn.

But don’t get worried I have an idea that can change the way you look after your babies. If it’s Valentine and you want your love to take to some nice place but your baby is crying then we might have something for you.

List of things needed to build that:

  1. A necklace having some normal size and put some sort of designing on it.
  2. The antenna that we can use to transmit the signals from the device to your smartphone.
  3. A program that installs on that device and app that install on a smartphone to connect to each other.
  4. Speaker, microphone and other such things.

How we are going to build this:

First, we make a program that can transmit the signal or some sort of message from the device to your smartphone whenever your baby cries. we set the device to send the message when it sensor cross certain frequency of that way we are able to get to know when our baby is crying no matter how far we are. The device sent the message “Baby is crying” or make the call to alert you. this is how we can build this and this is how it works. I know this is difficult to build but not impossible.

The device can be rechargeable and baby always wear it as a necklace. We also upgrade this to do some extra work like when the baby is crying through speakers the sound recorded by his mom or dad start playing just like “oh my little cute honey why are you crying”. This helps the baby to stop crying for some time until you get close to it.


  1. We get to know when our baby is crying
  2. It doesn’t cost too much, this device can be built in a very low range price up to 50$ maximum.
  3. We grow our baby better by using this device.
  4. It is time-saving.
  5. It makes us tension free from our baby

HOw the device looks like in baby neck if we made this possible:


This is it for today’s idea I hope you like my idea if you some sort of mistake or have some idea to improve it doesn’t hesitate to comment below.

Thank’s for reading.

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